Program Rules and Resources

Use the resources below to find student aid-related information quickly.


A Guide to Creating Your Institution’s Annual Report >

View a detailed checklist to build a financial aid office’s institutional annual report.


Common Manual >

Access the current Electronic Common Manual, Integrated Common Manual, archived versions of the Common Manual, bulletins and replacement pages.


Dear Partner/Colleague Letters >

Quickly access Dear Colleague/Partner Letters.


Entrance and Exit Counseling Checklists

These checklists ensure schools are providing required information during entrance and exit counseling.


Federal Registers >

Review and search SFA-related Federal Registers published from January 1, 1995 to the present.


Access current versions of federal regulations:



FSA Handbook >

Quick access to FSA Handbooks.


FSA Schools Portal >

Find industry news updates and ED training information.


IFAP (Information for Financial Aid Professionals) Library >

The IFAP online library contains technical publications, regulations, and policy guidance on the administration of the Federal Student Aid programs.


Institutional and Financial Assistance Information for Students >

A checklist that helps schools comply with and track consumer information requirements by aggregating the requirements into a single, simple-to-use form.


NSLP Interest Rate Chart >

An updated NSLP Interest Rate Chart with the interest rates for Stafford, Consolidation, and SLS loans for 2012-2013 is now available.