About Us

 30-years of providing guidance, solutions and support.


For 30 years, NSLP, a private, nonprofit student loan guaranty agency in the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program, has been serving the financial aid industry. We have a rich heritage as a trusted guarantor within the financial aid and higher education community; however, changes in the financial aid arena have resulted in a transformation of NSLP. Our emphasis has shifted from being a top guarantor of new student loans to providing student and financial aid related solutions to the higher education industry through our new division, Inceptia. NSLP continues to remain the predominate brand when servicing the FFEL program and performing outreach to educate borrowers on repayment options and borrower rights and responsibilities under the FFEL program.


Over the years, our team has worked with more than 5,500 schools and has positively impacted more than two million borrowers. We’ve earned a respected reputation from financial aid staff and students alike for motivating users to take positive action. We’re passionate about our job and aim to inspire that kind of commitment in schools and students, too.