Managing Your Federal Student Loans


Who is NSLP?

NSLP is a non-profit national student loan guaranty agency in the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program. Through the FFEL program, the Federal Government provided insurance against losses to encourage lenders to make student loans. The insurance on these loans is handled by guaranty agencies that perform outreach to educate borrowers on repayment options and borrower rights and responsibilities under the FFEL program.


NSLP is not a collection agency or telemarketer. Our trained counselors guide students through their repayment options and help bring your federal student loan account up to date–and keep it that way.


Why We May Contact You

We may reach out to assist you in understanding your federal student loan repayment options, rights and responsibilities, along with options for staying out of default. Our counselors use an approach which “GUARDS” the student. “GUARD” means that we will provide each borrower guidance and understanding through respect and dedication. Ultimately, we want to guide you towards successful federal student loan repayment.


Everything You Need to Know About Repayment





Below you will find information to help you understand and potentially simplify your federal student loan repayment.


Locate Your Federal Loan Information

Locate Your Federal Student Loans (NSLDS)>


General Loan Information

Department of Education Listing of Guaranty Agencies >

Your federal student loan borrower rights and responsibilities >

Returning to school  >


Repayment Information

Federal student loan repayment plan options  >

Federal student loan consolidation information  >

Federal student loan cancellation (discharge)  >

Teacher Loan Forgiveness  >

Federal student loan repayment program for federal employees  >

Information for military personnel with federal student loans  >

Difficulty making your federal student loan payment  >

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Delinquent and Default Information

Deferment and forbearance  >

Defaulted federal student loan information  >

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Resources and Forms

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Should you discover that your federal student loan is delinquent, contact NSLP’s Student Outreach Team to visit with a trained NSLP repayment counselor at 888.434.6548 to learn of repayment options to help you get back on-track.